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Hunkering down & staying safe doesn't have to be boring!

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

The Coronavirus has everyone taking extra precautions. The key is to stay informed and safe. According to the CDC, you should take the following steps to protect you and your family.

  • Clean your hands often - Wash your hands with water. If soap and water are not available, use a hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol.

  • Avoid close contact- with people who are sick.

  • Take steps to protect others - Stay home if sick, cover coughs and sneezes, and clean and disinfect touched surfaces.

These are simple but necessary practice to keeping everyone healthy. If we could we would add DON'T PANIC to the list above because freaking out never helps. Avoid falling into the trap of being problem-focused. Now is the time to be solution-oriented and we have just the boredom prevention activity to help you stay safe and infuse a little excitement into your day.

Hunkering down can cause your child to experience extreme boredom
Social distancing necessary but boring!

Although safety is a priority, with the last-minute school and attraction closures no one had time to develop a "boredom prevention" plan? No worries, we are here to help! Our Girl+STEM initiative is the perfect way to stay healthy and prevent boredom. Girl+STEM helps ignite her creativity, explore the possibilities, and introduce science to the girl.

Instead of being bummed out about staying inside why not use this time to help her create a way to be safe? Equip her to not just endure a situation but become apart of the solution.


Running low on supplies?

These days, hand sanitizer is in high demand and hard to come by. Running low on supplies while trying to entertain the kids can be stressful. However, STEM to the rescue! You can Have your little scientist make her very own hand sanitizer

(parental supervision recommended).

"It's not rocket science it's girl science."

- Tamara Ellison, Founder


This activity does more than just past the time! It's a confidence booster teaching your child how to thrive against the odds while developing a growth mindset and becoming solution-focused. Once science meets girl the possibilities are endless!

Check out our easy DIY hand sanitizer aka "boredom prevention" activity that is sure to unleash the #GirlScientist within and help keep the family germ free! #letsSTEM #GirlplusSTEM

Things you'll need

  • 2/3 cup 99% rubbing alcohol or isopropyl

  • 1/3 cup aloe vera gel

  • 5-10 drops of essential oil (optional ingredient)

  • Soap dispenser or small bottle (make it portable by storing it in a liquid travel bottle)


  • 1/3 cup aloe vera gel and rubbing alcohol. Add a few drops of essential oil to give it fragrance.

  • Store in a reusable soap dispenser or travel shampoo bottle to take it on the go.

  • Note: separation may occur so shake before use.

FYI she is going to want to make more than one bottle

Got the STEM juices flowing?

Go a step further and mix the different essential oils together to create your own unique fragrance. We combined lavender and peppermint which created a soothing yet refreshing scent. We call our fragrance "RefreshMINT".

Share your experience!

We would love to know what fragrance you created and any other cool things you did to customize your hand sanitizer! Tag us on social media or post a comment.

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